About Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy that has long been found to be helpful to people who are stuck in life and don’t know which way to turn.  We all have problems at various times in our life and most often we manage them well enough but sometimes a problem or life challenge is just too much, or at the wrong time, or just seems overwhelming and we need help to get through.  Our counsellors will listen to you non-judgementally and will try to understand your situation from your perspective so they can help you to view your situation or predicament from all angles.  Each counsellor has their own style and techniques that they use to help you fully explore and understand the options and choices available to you, whether it be coping strategies for the here and now or making choices for your future.  We will not tell you what to do.

Your first visit to our offices will be for a no-obligation Initial Interview with one of our experienced counsellors.  This session gives you the opportunity to share something of your current life situation and to ask any questions you may have about counselling and how it may help you.  If you choose to continue into counselling you can agree a suitable fee as well as day/time with your counsellor, we appreciate that not everyone can afford to spend much on their own self development and have some slots at a very affordable rate.  In addition, we understand that many people these days have jobs or roles that make it difficult for them to attend at the same time and day each week so some of our counsellors are able to cater for variable sessions.

There are different counselling styles and each of our counsellors have their preferred methods so we always try to match you with an appropriate and suitable counsellor.  If you feel you cannot get along with your counsellor it is well worth while telling him/her as it is only by bringing issues into the room that solutions can be found.

Your counsellor will go through the contract of counselling with you in your first session to explain about confidentiality, about our cancellation policy and about ending your sessions.  Your counsellor will review your progress with you every 6 weeks or so because it is as important to be very mindful about the ending of your therapy as it is about the beginning.  We do ask that you be mindful of the ending of your therapy, rather than just stopping abruptly, because this is such an important aspect of the whole process giving you a chance to review your progress, the skills and strategies you have learned and coping mechanisms for the future.