About Us

Celia and Linden set up Chelmsford Counselling Centre aka Chelmsford Counselling and Therapy Centre in 2015 and this is our story…

We first met each other briefly a number of years ago when we were both recovering from serious health issues; we lost contact for a year or so then met again by chance for a short while.  Once again we lost contact and it seems that we both decided, independently, to re-train as counsellors and independently undertook the 5 years of training required to qualify.  How amazed we both were to discover each other once again, after such a long time, at Chelmsford MIND where we worked for a number of years until its closure in 2015.   During this time we got to know each other well and caught up on our progress since those early days.  We discovered that we had such a lot in common in that both of us had achieved success in our careers to date, both having achieved management positions – Celia in HR and Linden in IT; both of us had suffered serious health issues and had arrived at this point after our individual struggles.  We were both passionate about mental health, helping others who are struggling with whatever life has thrown at them, hence our decision to train as counsellors.  The closure of Chelmsford MIND was the catalyst we needed to move forward.  So, we decided the time was right to set up in practice together and Chelmsford Counselling Centre was born. Many of the counsellors who had been working at MIND with us are still with us at Oliver House.

After a successful first year and further training we were able to offer a range of therapies in addition to counselling such as Couples Counselling, NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness to name a few and decided to rename ourselves as Chelmsford Counselling and Therapy Centre, which better describes what we do now.

We look forward to serving the citizens of Chelmsford for many years providing counselling, mindfulness based therapies, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), coaching and clinical supervision.

All counsellors at the practice are fully qualified counsellors working to the BACP code of ethics and are GDPR compliant.